Starting this July I have the exciting opportunity to participate in a collective art exhibition at Five Deuces Galleria in St. Petersburg FL.


The opening night was on the 6th of July and the exhibition will continue throughout the entire months of July and August.

The other artists showcasing in the main gallery together with my artworks are Cristina Denegri and Bosko Curich, which both have incredible abstract paintings.

Mixed media pieces born from my passion for digital, bridging the gap between traditional and new mediums


While the majority of my works are a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, I also pushed myself more out of my comfort zone and experimented with a few pieces that are pure traditional medium mixed media.

And this is how I premiered a few pieces like “Lonely”, “Blizzard” and “Untitled Abstract”.

I also have showcased a few of my purely digital pieces, like “Deus Ex Machina (DxM) I”, “Deus Ex Machina (DxM) III” and “Hypnotize”. While “As Above So Below”, “The Unknown Muse I” and “The Unknown Muse V” are born out of a combination between the world of watercolor, ink and sketches, and the digital art world.

The reason why I love experimenting with different mediums a lot is because I don’t like to be constrained by just one technique. And also because I believe that by combining two very different fields, like traditional and digital, I can push creativity and the limits of what’s possible further.

Just press play 🙂

As always, music has been my main inspiration for my art, and the following piece makes no difference. Titled “Lonely“, this diptych painting is a mixed media acrylic and paper scraps on canvas. The song inspiration behind it is this.

"Lonely" Mixed Media Acrylic Diptych Painting
"Lonely" diptych Canvas Painting and "Blizard II"
Lonely diptych canvas KLANGWELT

As Above So Below” is a mixed media triptych canvas painting, created circa 2015.

The process of creating this artwork was going back and forth between watercolor painting and graphic tablet sketches.

Each panel represents a different “world”, the middle being the central figure in a meditative gaze, almost like an alchemy process of creating balance between the “below” world, which is a deserted land plagued by destruction and darkness, and the “above” world, where life thrives and flourishes.

"As ABove So Below" triptych canvas painting

“As Above So Below”
60in x 55in

Unitled Abstract Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas Paper

One of my latest paintings, this untitled piece is a mixed media acrylic, paper scraps and ink on canvas paper. Made fully “traditional”, without any digital manipulation.

Unitled Abstract Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas Paper

One of the most exciting parts of this art show is that I get to be part of the St Pete Second Saturday Art Walk for two consecutive times.

Klangwelt Artist

For those of you who don’t know, the Second Saturday Art Walk is an event happening every month on – you guessed it – the second Saturday in Saint Petersburg FL, where hundreds of artists, galleries and artist studios open their doors to the public and do live demonstrations of their craft, showcase new creations or simply invite art lovers and non-connoisseurs alike to have a conversation.

This is definitely a must-do if you are ever in the area, especially since this not only covers Central Ave, but also the warehouse district and other adjacent zones. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy casual drinks, the city murals and lively atmosphere.

Hypnotize Digital Artwork Framed

“Hypnotize”, fully digital, 16in x 20in, framed to 18in x 24in

Deus Ex Machina I and Blizard I

Top: “Deus Ex Machina I”, fully digital, 16in x 20in framed to 18in x 24in

Bottom: “Blizzard I”, watercolor & ink mixed media, 11in x 14in

Top: “The Unknown Muse V”, digital & watercolor mixed media, 16in x 20in framed to 18in x 24in

Bottom: “The Unknown Muse I”, digital & watercolor mixed media, 11in x 14in

Blizzard I framed KLANGWELT

“Blizzard I” – mixed media acrylic on paper
(traditional, no digital)

"Blizard II" acrylic painting on paper

“Blizzard II” – mixed media acrylic on paper
(traditional, no digital)

"Erase My Self" mixed media acrylic on canvas

An additional piece to the first lineup, “Erase My Self” is a mixed media traditional painting on canvas.

I created this painting to draw awareness towards mental health and the stigma around it, and I explain in detail the meaning behind it in this Instagram post.

"Erase My Self" Mixed Media Acrylic Painting on Canvas

“Erase My Self” – 16in x 20in mixed media acrylic on canvas

Thank you so much for reading and watching! ♥️ If you get the chance to be in the area please do not hesitate to drop by the gallery and view my exhibition. It would mean a lot to me!

Hey there, I'm Andreea (aka Klangwelt)! I'm a creative director, artist, brand designer, and musician/DJ. My biggest passions are music, art, and design.

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