A New Abstract Acrylic Painting: AB/YS/MAL

Happy to be able to present a new painting I finished a few weeks ago. Time for me has been so weird lately that I honestly have no idea if it’s been days or weeks, but the most important thing is that I finished it.

I must say that with every new artwork or project I’m learning so much and it makes me cheerful inside, because to me there’s no joy bigger than the act of creation.

For this painting I used only acrylic paint and modelling paste to add the 3D textures. I’m also noticing it becomes more and more comfortable for me to do bigger sized paintings – almost to the point where it’s difficult to create a tiny painting because I feel constrained, or somewhat limited.

painting details

I also wanted to say something weighing heavily on my mind about the creative process, because while I was painting, to me it was also a sort of catharsis and I was thinking how fear and other people’s opinions can seriously modify your output or your vision as an artist.

Surely feedback is vital in the growth process, but to practice any form of art is an act of soul liberation. I don’t know exactly when everything became so standardized and complicated, but I remember a time when there was room for so much creativity, play, and imagination in the arts, and the world in general.

Hence why I felt such a deep longing to make this space as “my own” (in terms of style and aesthetics) as possible, and to return to the wonder and magic of creating without any constrains, or noise from the outside world. Without any pressure to rise up to some sort of external expectation or trend or box to fit into.

Of course, I get terrific joy from interacting with everybody and helping as many of you as possible, but I also feel the need to have a corner just for me where to allow myself to create unaltered and undisturbed.

The fear of doing the “wrong” style, or to even express an opinion regarding my preferences in terms of design styles or what I perceive as beautiful has been holding me back greatly, especially in the past few years. Therefore it came like such an incredible liberation to allow myself to explore, experiment, and take as much time as needed to make something that made me truly happy.

AB/YS/MAL abstract acryclic painting on canvas
AB/YS/MAL abstract acryclic painting on canvas details
AB/YS/MAL abstract acryclic painting on canvas details

Of course, this is only my own perspective and experience, and what works best FOR ME at this particular moment in space and time. I’m just sharing my story. And I thank deeply to every one of you who support my work and have been with me on this journey so far.

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