I choose to work primarily with music and art fields because I am also an artist myself. I became fascinated by music and art from a very young age and I knew since then that this will be my life calling.

Not to say I don’t take great joy in collaborating with all sorts of industries, because to me no project is too small or too difficult. But I prefer to focus on what I love and do best, in an effort to deliver the best possible experience and final product to the clients I’m serving.

I’ve always been guided by a sense of curiosity, creativity, and adventure – that’s why my experience includes a versatile and abundant skill set, with the strongest talents being visual design, graphics, and art direction.

I enjoy being hands-on and involved in the creative process, because my attention to detail and problem-solving thinking allow me to find practical solutions to the visions and challenges artists and creatives go through.

Technical Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite – 20 years
  • Adobe Photoshop – 20 years
  • Adobe Illustrator – 15 years
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – 10 years
  • Adobe InDesign – 5 years
  • Final Cut Pro X – 5 years
  • Adobe Lightroom & Digital Photography – 5 years
  • Mobile editing apps – 5 years
  • Ableton Live – 5 years
  • PowerPoint/Keynote – 3 years
  • Microsoft Office/Google Docs – 3 years
  • Figma – 1 year
  • ProCreate iPad Pro – 1 year
Professional Skills

  • Web Design – 20 years
  • Graphic and Visual Design – 20 years
  • UI/UX – 10 years
  • Art Direction – 10 years
  • Creative Direction – 10 years
  • Video Editing – 7 years
  • Content Creation & Marketing – 7 years
  • Strategy and Design Thinking – 7 years
Soft Skills

  • attention to detail
  • big-picture thinking
  • problem solving oriented
  • curiosity & desire to learn
  • empathetic
  • flexible & versatile
  • dynamic
  • self starter and self-driven
  • quality-first approach
  • risk-taker

I thrive in environments which allow for experimentation, growth, and freedom of expression, while not making a sacrifice in terms of quality, authenticity, or longevity – because in this way I’m also lead and inspired to build better creative solutions.

I’m always looking for creative challenges, learning experiences, and growth opportunities, committing myself over and over again to bringing to life excellent visual stories and outstanding design experiences.

Studied Courses and Certifications

Art Direction for Creative Visual Branding

Art Direction for Creative Visual Branding On Domestika

A course by Linus Lohoff about how to design a brand’s visual identity and build a professional brand book using key art direction techniques
BBC Maestro – Alan Moore – Storytelling Online Course

Alan Moore – Storytelling Online Course on BBC Maestro

I've learned the craft of storytelling and how to build story, character, setting and plot
Domestika - Art Direction for CD covers by Goster

Art Direction for CD/Vinyl Covers by Goster on Domestika

Understood better how to conceptualize and design the cover of a disc that complements the music and generates emotions
Musical Composition for Short Films with Ableton Live

Musical Composition for Short Films with Ableton Live on Domestika

A course on how to create an original score by exploring the process of recording, editing, and syncing music to a film
Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography - MasterClass

Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography - MasterClass

A course on how to develop concepts, work with subjects, shoot with natural light, and bring images to life in post-production
deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production - MasterClass

deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production - MasterClass

A masterclass where I discovered how deadmau5 approaches melodies, mixing and mastering to make unique sounds
Joaquin Elizondo – Terms and Techniques of Editing

Joaquin Elizondo – Terms and Techniques of Editing on Filmmakers Academy

Acquired basic in-depth editing techniques from various ways to cut a scene to engineering montages, improving audio, and everything in between

Marketing Strategy for Business:The Complete Master Guide by Oxford Learning Lab

Learned how to master Strategic Marketing to make business consistently competitive. Segmentation, Planning, Accountability, SWOT.

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I do what I can

Wearing many hats, notorious for not knowing what day of the week it is, and constantly experimenting with some art form.






She’s been running the studio since 2018. Her best work is gsDxg0ybxpYtAv82 written on Feb 28th 2020 during a lavish nap on the keyboard.

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