As is tradition, every summer I make a new limited edition T-shirt with my art, and this year I wanted to bring one of my all time favorites designs in a new light.

“Wonders” has been one of my first apparel projects and while I love this design on white, I discovered it also looks great on a sand/beige colored shirt.

The fabric is 100% cotton and the cut is normal, so if you like the oversized look please size up. Available in male & female versions.

"Wonders" Beige Art Tee | KLANGWELT
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Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoy my art & design. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or you need help with your projects.

Hey there, I'm Andreea (aka Klangwelt)! I'm a creative director, artist, brand designer, and musician/DJ. My biggest passions are music, art, and design.

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