Two New Acrylic Paintings and a Work in Progress (Exclusive Video on Patreon)

Lately I’ve been searching for and revisiting a lot of older music, especially the much loved dungeon synth, ambient, and experimental songs that can’t be placed inside a niche or a particular genre.

Nothing against genres or anything, but personally I’m fascinated by uniqueness and particularity, which seem to become harder and harder to find these days (especially in very formulaic genres).

Just like many other artists, I’m becoming burntout on trying to stick to a niche or a strictly confined type of creative expression – which inevitably becomes obsolete fast, and it’s hard to sustain in the long term.

Without even realizing, my creative voice was becoming very vulnerable to the whims of external factors that were very far out of my control. There was constantly a voice in the back of my head – a harsh inner critic – which was the internalization of others’ opinions, rules, and subjective thoughts – that was constantly nagging me about what I should or should not create, how I should present, the words I should say.

So I knew that if I wanted to regain my motivation and inspiration I had to eliminate my own mental prison, and to erase all the external noise (both positive AND negative). Choosing to create any kind of art was never an easy path, but now more so than ever. But yet, I will create. I will pause, I will redirect, I will nurture, but in any way… I will create.

And I can’t even begin to express how much more happier and inspired I am now that I am protecting my work, and concentrating on how I can genuinely become a better artist, human, professional – instead of pleasing temporary circumstances. Art and music are forever.

This one above is called “Winter Circle” and is inspired by the album (and self titled song) “Winter Circle” by Forest Silence. As I have synesthesia, music is always vital in my creative process.

Also, I have revisited a slightly older painting (“Weaken & Afraid“) from last year because I felt like I needed to develop the ideas further, and to see if I can push my limits a little bit. I’m still working on it, but I wanted to document a little progress, as it always helps me to look back on artworks and see where I can do better.

And last, but not least… “The Fire Within“.

The Fire Within Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas Paper

Thank you so much for your ongoing support ❤️

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