A Few Changes in Structure and the Future of Klangcollective

After a very welcomed break during the Holidays and the start of the new year, 2023 began in a very positive note, full of inspiration, creative ideas, and dreams coming true. I’m so excited to roll all of them!

And the first one is regarding a few changes in the way I structure my business and how I create my art and “content”.

I’ve wrestled with this idea for many weeks and months because for the longest time I was torn between my excitement for discovering new techniques, creating inspired artworks, crafting beautiful stories and experiences for as many people to enjoy – and the need to establish a dedicated audience and to cover the raising costs of living.

In the end, I decided that in order to be able to give my absolute best, and to create the most useful and meaningful “content” (aka: art + videos + tutorials + mentorship + photography + writing + experience) I will no longer create without monetization.

I hate adding ads on things, unless there’s a service or product I’m really in love with, so I find this to be a much less invasive option.

Another thing that prompted me towards this decision was realizing that because of people’s reduced attention span, I wasn’t attracting or retaining an audience based on people’s genuine interest towards my craft, what I have to say, or who I am as a person. And this is no criticism towards people or anyone, but I think this is how social media conditions us to simply consume as much as possible but there’s nothing truly deeper beyond that.

The majority (if not all) social media platforms nowadays are designed to keep people entertained or distracted, but not necessarily to have meaningful interactions beyond the sharing of memes, sensationalism, gossip, and light-hearted fun. Which – once again – it’s nothing wrong with!! I participate in this as much as everyone (*cue all the cute cat videos under the sun* 😅). But as an artist and creator, these are no longer places I resonate with, because the return on investment in terms of time and energy has been reduced to zero.

On there art is consumed as nothing more than a few seconds of entertainment, and that’s that. Plus then there’s the problem of data privacy, having our data used or stolen without permission, and so long…

No bitterness or hard feelings, just finding new ways and avenues to build an existence that feels right for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how much more inspired and creative I am now that I have reduced my time online in general!

I have time to explore the city, to read a book, to experiment with music, and to spend long un-rushed hours with lovely people.

As I started working under a new contract, now my free time is more limited, and I adopted a much slower paced lifestyle that fosters genuine inspiration, curiosity, and creativity. So it will help me a lot to have everything consolidated into one or two spaces, instead of everything being spread out on different platforms, niches, or communities, and being at the mercy of algorithms or hidden controlling interests.

As I’m only one person, it’s hard for me to manage everything myself, plus give it the necessary level of care and attention.

Which leads me to the changes I made to Klangcollective, that I have transformed since the beginning of the year into The Last Romantics – a community of artists and musicians lead by heart.

The Last Romantics Patreon - artists and musicians lead by heart

I know these are difficult financial times for everybody around the globe, and I want to make this community as inclusive possible – that’s why if you face extreme adverse conditions but you still want to be part of our tiny space, please get in touch and I will gift you a subscription.

That being said, I also want on each month of the year to gift a Night Wanderer Tier subscription to Romanian (worldwide) and Romania-based artists, musicians, and creators who put passion and dedication into their craft. You’ll also be added to a raffle that will periodically gift an Aesthete Tier membership. I think there are so many wonderfully talented Romanian artists who go unnoticed every single day, so perhaps they are discouraged or pushed out of the things they love the most – that’s why I want to help in any small way I can.

You can find the sign-up form here.

The newsletter will remain free of charge, but the content shared and the frequency of publishing will be prioritized towards the paid subscribers, as it’s already difficult for me to stay on top of emails and replies.

This is not to exclude or to leave anyone out, but to protect myself and my energy from unwanted spam, scams, bots, or otherwise unsafe and unsavory things on the internet.

And on that note… ❤️ Wish you a wonderful time and see you next time on Patreon and on the newsletter below:

Hey there, I'm Andreea (aka Klangwelt)! I'm a creative director, artist, brand designer, and musician/DJ. My biggest passions are music, art, and design.