December Glow in the Dark Abstract Acrylic Painting

This December I finished a new painting, which is a very meaningful one for me. Watch the process in the video below.

I started this painting a few weeks ago and I worked in small bursts at it because December has been so strange this year. So far it has been full of positives, as always, being my favorite month (because of the Holidays) but also full of sadness due to heartbreaking family events.

This month has really showed me how fragile our existence on this planet really is, and how – truly – at any moment our lives can be turned upside down without any seeming warning. Almost losing my brother to a stroke has shaken me deeply, and in spite of this, part of me is more positive then ever and deeply believes that any circumstance can be transformed and overcome.

So I tried to channel that kind of hopeful passion into this painting.

I also created this painting for another very dear person to me, because I wanted to offer a little piece of my heart that is unique. Inspired by exciting adventures through lush landscapes and wild flowers, the pink accents are glow in the dark paint, that charges in bright sunlight. A reminder to always turn our faces towards the light, just like flowers, even when we are faced with great turmoil.

When placed on a sunny wall, or near a light source, the pigment “charges” with energy, while at night (or in the dark) it gives a delicate glow.

Abstract december
Making Of
Painting for Christmas Gift Abstract Acrylic Dec 2023 KLANGWELT

Now more so then ever I realize the importance of distancing from anything too stressful, negative, or shallow, and focusing on the things which truly matter in life: family, wonderful friends, support, artistry and creativity, savoring every second of happiness, learning, finding enchantment & appreciation in everything (from the biggest to the smallest things), rest, protection of anything dear.

Life being such a journey of becoming, it has taught me so many lessons and humbled me in so many ways. One of the repeating lessons being: time is the most valuable and priceless resource. Even though time perception is something elastic, the days and years themselves cannot be brought back; that’s why I’m very mindful on how I spend them.

Making cozy memories at Christmas time is one of the greatest joys for me, hence why this year I felt more then ever the need for warmth, tranquility, cheer, and connection. Și cozonac.

I hope, if anything, that I can inspire others to always reach for their dreams and not wait, even when it seems impossible, silly, or crazy. A total cheezy cliché, but life really is short and difficult, regardless if a person follows their passions or not. Life will not be easier if people stop putting heart into what they do. It will be just as difficult, but with an extra top layer of “boring” and “unfulfilling”. So might as well do the thing cât mai sunt încă minute pe ceas (while there are still seconds in the clock).

Christmas Gift Abstract Acrylic Painting December 2023 KLANGWELT

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