Content and Video December 1, 2020

Yamaha Stay True Campaign for Yamaha Music USA

content creation and advertising campaign for the new wireless headphones by Yamaha Music

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Yamaha Stay True

The goal of this campaign was to bring awareness to the new wireless headphones from Yamaha. These wireless headphones adapt and respond to listeners and their environment.

As the world continues to change and evolve, these new headphones allow listeners to stay true – keeping music and sound authentic to the original through unique, adaptive technologies – wherever the day may take you.


taking music with me everywhere I go

  • E7A True Wireless Earbuds
  • E700A On-ear Headphones

“From the moment I wake up to the moment I finish the day, music is always with me. I can’t envision creating without music, and to certain extent, I can’t envision doing pretty much anything without music. There are many moments when I found myself in a crowded museum, or at the park, or doing my outdoors meditation, and was so happy to be able to be accompanied by the perfect playlist or mix for the situation. This is why E7A True Wireless Earbuds from Yamaha Music USA are the perfect companion to my adventures. The sound is always clear and true to the original, which allows me to remain true to myself, while bringing me closer to the artist. And my favorite feature: active noise cancellation, which is perfect for when I want to immerse myself in the music and my environment, while minimizing outside distractions.”

Yamaha Music Stay True Graphics
Yamaha Stay True
Yamaha Stay True Campaign Earbuds Yamaha Music USA
Yamaha Stay True Campaign Headphones Yamaha Music USA
Yamaha Stay True Campaign Earbuds Yamaha Music USA