UI/UX June 9, 2016

Colosseum Spa UI/UX

branding and UI/UX for Colosseum Luxury Spa

Colosseum Luxury Spa Branding Identity Design

Colosseum Luxury Spa – an upcoming oasis of wellness and personal care.

The first step in creating the brand design and strategy for Colosseum was establishing the brand colors and guidelines.

I decided to incorporate the use of ancient statues as a symbol of trust, stability, and utmost care and service quality for their customers.

The colors used are green, grey and gold to highlight the brand focus on natural products and eco-friendly practices.

The accent color blue is used to contrast with the rest of the brand colors in a non-disruptive way.

colosseum spa branding color scheme
colosseum luxury spa logo design

Website design and user experience

custom theme made from scratch for Wordpress
colosseum header design branding detail
colosseum services design branding detail
colosseum testimonials carousel design branding detail
colosseum footer design branding detail
colosseum luxury spa web design branding identity


design for merchandise and branded marketing assets
colosseum luxury branding elements
Colosseum luxury spa service brochure design
Colosseum luxury spa service brochure design