“Blizzard I” is one of the two painting series. Why “Blizzard”? I made these paintings at the end of 2018 – beginning of 2019, when after a long array of life challenges I was starting to rebuild my little universe of art and internal peace.

The pieces of these series represent a catharsis of feeling lost in a sea of contrasting emotions, where someone tries to find its footing and regain a sense of identity and individuality.

“Blizzard” represents a juxtaposition of dark and light, of moments of calm enmeshed with moments of agony.

“Blizzard” speaks a lot to the feeling of futility of existence, combined with triumphant optimism – and opening up of the metaphorical dam of the vast array of feelings and emotions.

Blizzard Hurricane framed KLANGWELT mixed media painting

A few “behind the scenes” moments captured from the process of creating this artwork. Not very good at framing though haha 😅

work in progress
Blizzard KLANGWELT framing
Blizzard Mixed Media Painting after framing
Blizzard Hurricane Finished KLANGWELT

The finished piece before framing.

“Blizzard I” was sold in 2019 during the collective art exhibition at Five Deuces Galleria in Florida.