Glow in the Dark Paintings Inspired by Autumn

I haven’t really realized how much I was missing autumn until I got a short remembrance of it in the form of crunchy leaves, chilly winds, and the smell of burnt wood and knitted sweaters.

Even though I’m not particularly fond of colder seasons, I appreciate them for balance and also for offering the perfect backdrop to get cozy and introspective. Also autumn is a season very rich in color and sensory experiences, during which the fire of summer’s sunsets descends from the sky into the trees – painting foliage and fields in warm tones – and then covers the ground in gold color leaf blankets.

The harvest season makes for an incredible time to enjoy the fruits of the – more or less metaphorical – labour and organize things for the upcoming months. For me this is the time when I get very serious about my goals and I put order in all my plans and loose ends.

This year I set a goal to challenge myself more creatively especially in terms of visual design and painting, goal in which I am pleased to see that I have made progress. Even though it’s an endeavor I will be working towards for the rest of my life – as learning never ends – I feel a deeper need to solidify the knowledge gathered throughout the years/months in tangible, practical, ways. Therefore, in the next weeks/months I’ll be making an effort to create more physical paintings, and the digital work I’ll be doing will be more based on scans and physical processes than ever.

I’m also feeling an increased thirst and curiosity towards cultural events involving art and the art process throughout history, therefore I made it a goal to visit as many in-person art galleries and museums as possible because it makes me so happy and it’s so enriching.

autumn leaves

A new dyptich acrylic painting

I haven’t gotten a chance to name any of the following paintings yet, but I’m sure the right title will reveal itself to me at the right time. For the time being, “untitled 1-3” will have to do 🙂 The first one is a dyptich – a painting conceptualized on two panels.

In terms of tools used, it’s acrylic paint on canvas and for the first time I actually haven’t used any mixed media techniques. Initially I felt a little unsure, as I love mixed media so much, and it almost felt like it wouldn’t be “me” if I didn’t do the technique closest to my heart. BUT, I must admit that I’m happy I experimented and overcame my fear, because I don’t like to be limited by a technique, a tool, or even a genre. So… I’m quite pleased with the result, especially since I introduced a new type of paint and that is – glow in the dark paint.

progress video

close-up details of first panel

Glow in the Dark Dyptich Close Details panel 1

close-up details of second panel

Glow in the Dark Dyptich Close Details panel 2
details of finished dyptich painting

Each panel is 12in width x 16in height (30,48 cm x 40,64 cm).

glow in the dark elements first panel

Glow in the Dark Dyptich Close Details panel 1

glow in the dark elements second panel

Glow in the Dark Dyptich Close Details panel 2

A secondary acrylic painting

This one employs the same techniques as previously mentioned, and is 10in x 10in (25,4cm x 25,4cm) in size.

Glow in the dark autumn colors finished KLANGWELT
progress video

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