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Hi, I am Andreea. I go by the nickname Klangwelt. And I love designing custom websites powered by WordPress for the sophisticated and powerful brand.


Is your entire life and business revolving around lifestyle, entertainment, culture or wellness? Have you tried expanding your brand and reaching more clients but you don’t know where to start or you feel kind of lost? Do you feel like you offer premium products, but you can’t charge top dollar and get your return on the time, effort and materials invested? You’ve come to the right place!

With my help, you can start building your business step by step and establish a unique and unstoppable online presence. No confusion, no subscription plans and no hidden fees. Just your very own beautifully designed custom website!

The reason why I always design websites from scratch is that I tailor them to the very specific needs of your business. Also because a custom designed website is always going to reflect YOUR unique brand message and YOUR unique visual brand identity.


I believe that the most effective brands are the ones that go beyond just making sales and actually helping the lives of others with their dedication to building engaging experiences, shaping culture and lifestyle, and making smart business decisions based on quality and sustainability.

Together we can build your beautiful custom WordPress website and take your business from boring to premium while helping you…

  •  increase your visibility in the over-crowded online space
  •  leverage the power of technology to fuel your sales
  •  have a distinct brand image that gets attention from customers
  •  become a trendsetter and influence culture
  •  become more than a brand, be a vehicle for social change

You see, I’ve been designing and building websites since the year 2000, when the screens used to look like this…

old school computer

…and the websites used to look like this…

horrible web design

But a LOT of things have changed since then and now websites are more complex, but also more elegant, helpful and beautiful than ever.

Browser window web design luxury wordpress

Here’s a small example of an elegant yet bold website I designed for a luxury brand only a couple of months ago. Notice the upscale details and modern functionalities.

All these and more can be implemented and tailored to your particular business and used to achieve your next step in success.

custom web design klangwelt
custom web design klangwelt

Custom designed websites always give you the control and flexibility that a premade template or website building service can’t!

  • No hidden settings
  •  No hidden fees
  •  (Almost) zero limitations
  •  Scalable and highly customizable
  •  Lean and free of useless code that slows your website down
  •  Unique look and personality, just like YOU
Browser window web design interior architect

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