Fine Art Gallery

Born in Romania, and have lived for ten years in United States, my work incorporates a lot of styles and influences.

At my “day” job I’m a visual designer and art/creative director, and I work with a lot of brands, companies, and individuals from the artistic and cultural space. My love for art and music has started at a very young age, and over time I have tried a variety of creative expressions – from painting to playing instruments, and from photography to creating art videos, dj sets, or writing.

I invite a variety of mediums into my work specifically because I don’t find only one to be satisfying or able to convey this message in its entirety. So I mix different tools, different techniques, and different art disciplines because each one allows me to push the limits, and in the same time to underline how complex our lives can be nowadays. My favorites are acrylics, followed by watercolor & ink, collage, and oil pastels.

I’m always guided by a desire to create, and that takes many shapes or forms. To me, art is to be found in everything, from the biggest to the smallest things in life – it’s all a matter of allowing oneself to see it.

Once in a Blue Moon Mixed Media Painting
Dyptich Artwork on panels - The Rhythm of Life by Klangwelt