Abstract Artist, Designer, and Creative Director

I’m an artist, designer, creative director, and multi-faceted creative entrepreneur helping creative industries and cultural institutions stand out through their branding and visual design.

I started out in 2001 as a web & graphic designer, and as time went by, new skills were added to my arsenal, like painting, visual design or photography.

My constant search for meaning and purpose has fueled a series of entrepreneurial ventures which taught me important creative direction skills, like service vs product management, risk management, brand building, or storytelling.

Winter Circle I Acrylic Painting KLANGWELT
Winter Circle II Acrylic Painting KLANGWELT
Winter Circle III abstract expressionist acrylic painting KLANGWELT

Behind the scenes, closeup details, process, tools, and inspirations:

Winter Circle III
Matting two artworks
Distressing tool process of painting
Distressing Tools
mixed media

Fine Art

The value of art is in providing an emotional experience, in capturing and recreating a personal feeling, in sparking a change of thought or perspective. Just like design, art doesn’t sit in its tools, but the tools should facilitate and enhance the artistic message.

I am an avid lover of art and music, so for me the two go hand in hand. The musicality I cannot express through sound, is carried out through the brush. I chose abstract expressionism or abstract figurative because I have no interest in copying reality. To me, the biggest fascination resides in the attempt to render the feeling of certain moments or experiences.

Acrylic, Watercolor, or Collage

One - Mixed Media Acrylic and Collage on Canvas Paper
Hypnotize Digital Artwork Framed
Klangwelt Artist
Once in a Blue Moon Mixed Media Painting
New Artworks - Spring Series
The Tower - Mixed Media Watercolor, Oil Pastel
Animation of "Drink Me" Digital Artwork by Klangwelt
mixed media

Digital and Multimedia Art

Art used in a variety of contexts and projects.

Illustration, Animation, Sound, Photo + Video Edits

Soul Link II
21 Days of Krampus - The Coven Collection
Zingara Spaced Out Album Art
Quite Right records We Wear Black March Poster Flyer Graphic Design
Shanahan For You EP album artwork design
Dark Places Game Soundtrack Album Cover Design

Experimental art video series I started for an upcoming new media art exhibition focused on the effects of noise pollution on our health and psyche. A quest for focus in an increasingly chaotic world, and an invitation to reflect on what kind of future we’re shaping.

Experiments in frequencies
Experiments in frequencies
As an Art Director I...

  • oversee the production of art tools, production pipelines, content creation
  • interpret the needs of all development disciplines such as design and engineering into final artwork
  • develop and maintain visual aesthetic throughout the product or service
  • conceptualize and design immersive experiences (or media) for events, festivals, art shows, and museum exhibits
  • deep understanding of creative disciplines and their workflow
As a Creative Director I...

  • assist tech teams with designing and implementing of emerging technologies, such as guided tours apps, interactive art exhibits, augmented reality content, projections, or video mapping
  • manage communities, develop engaging loyalty or partnership programs to attract and retain new customers and members (such as book clubs, members events, talent shows, livestreams)
  • strong understanding of art fundamentals, multiple art styles, and art trends
  • think strategically about art and how it influences online/offline user or visitor experience

next contract available date: September 2024


Step 1.

Discovery call

Every project starts with a discovery call where together with the client we explore style preferences, competitors, and inspiration behind the project.

Step 2.

Concept ideation

Next, I start the research phase, followed by story/mood boards, quick sketches, or wireframes, depending on scope. Next is creating a variety of concepts, ready to be presented to the client for selection.

Step 3.


The last step is finalizing the selected concept(s) and delivering them in functional form, included in a package format containing all the necessary files.

they trust me with their business

tidal music

this is what I've built over time

a little bit more about me

My Story (so far)

“If you're after quality, affordable and fitting graphics, Klangwelt is your best option! I received my logo in a short period of time, and I was instantly happy with the results. It's very clear that she takes the time to deliver a satisfying complete project. I would recommend Klangwelt to any of my friends and colleagues. ”

Audien (Ultra Music / Spinnin' Records)

Musician, DJ

”Klangwelt Design was able to make my vision come to life with her services. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great logo.”

Ares Carter (Big & Dirty / Spinnin' Records)

Musician, DJ

”Klangwelt is without a doubt the most professional, inspiring and creative people I have ever worked with. I am a designer myself, and it speaks large amounts for me to take myself away from my own company to approach another! I can't explain how much originality and creativity comes out of each design, whether it would be branding, album cover, or anything social media for example.”

Shanahan (REVEALED / Armada)

Musician, DJ

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